Surfers Paradise?

This could be para, para, paradise…or not.

Our last few days in Byron were pretty epic, with some fun in the sun, a couple of great nights out and, best of all, a big BBQ with our new friends on our last day. Then it was off to Surfers Paradise which, although only an hour and a half away, couldn’t be more different from Byron Bay!


This place can only be described as a cross between Miami and somewhere else you don’t actually want to be. It has a beach, but it’s also so built up, with more clubs and bars than you can possibly imagine, and everything is sooooo expensive. Don’t get me wrong, if it was sunny I’d probably quite enjoy myself here…the beach is nice, the waves are good and there are beautiful people everywhere. But it’s not sunny. It’s raining. Hard. And it has been since we arrived, and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Australia, this was not what I was promised from your summer!


So what have we been doing? Well, we’ve been here for about two days now, and we’ve spent most of that time sitting in our room (at the very nice Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort), eating rubbish and watching (rubbish) movies, only going into town when more food is needed, or when we think we might go mad from being stuck inside for so long. But oh we’ll…at least we’ve got free wifi!

5 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise?

    1. Thanks…just keep writing, and you’ll start to see what needs to be added, what you don’t need/want, how to organise it…just keep it as a natural progression and eventually you’ll love everything you’ve done! In oz until march 11th then NZ for a month. We should defs try to meet up somewhere

      1. oh man u leave before I arrive!! Well, we will have to see if we cross somewhere else 🙂 and thanks btw – spent ages trying to figure out this whole thing so wanna get it right! x

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