Top 10 Things To Do In Brisbane

1. Visit the Gallery of Modern Art.

2. Go to the Queensland Museum.

3. Wander around the Southbank (and go to the markets on a weekend).

4. Watch all the dancers rehearsing on the Southbank.

5. Visit Streets Beach on the Southbank (as you can probably tell, I really quite liked the Southbank!)…there’s a man-made beach and a lagoon to swim in…and lifeguards too!

6. Get the ferry over to New Farm and visit the Brisbane Powerhouse, it has exhibitions, live music, theatre shows and much, much more.

7. Get a cocktail at Zi bar, underneath Base Central hostel (but DON’T stay at the hostel!).

8. Go shopping on Queen Street Mall

9. Wander around the Botanic Gardens (there’s also supposed to be free wifi but we couldn’t find it)

10. Visit Tinbilly’s backpacker bar for a couple of cheap drinks.

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