No Rain In Rainbow Beach!

We arrived in Rainbow Beach on Friday afternoon, and after 3 amazing days out in the bush in Noosa we were absolutely exhausted. So our first night was spent just cooking dinner and chilling out in the hammocks at our hostel, Pippies Beachhouse.

On Saturday we had a lovely lie in, after a proper night’s sleep, on a proper bed! Rosa and I went to find Internet and have a little wander around (the tiny) town before heading back to the hostel to find that Rachel had only just woken up! Lazy bones. Then it was laundry time…and boy did we have a lot of laundry! That took us most of the afternoon and by the time we were done the sun was just about going down so we headed to the beach for a quick stroll before dinner, a (terrible) movie and an early night…our time at Gagaju Bush Camp had really taken it out of us!


Sunday was a much more productive day…when I say productive I mean we met up with Laura (a girl we’d met in Surfers then Brisbane) and her friend and went to the beach for some lunch and a lazy afternoon. In the evening, at about 5pm, Rachel and I joined some others from the hostel on a walk to a place called the Sandblow. It was about a 30 minute walk through the woods before we arrived at the most breathtaking place I think I may have ever been. Up this big hill, in the middle of a forest was this huge expanse of glorious white sand. To the left was the sea and to the right you could look out over Tin Can Bay. We played around in the sand for a while, looking at all the different colours of the sandstone, before going up the other way to watch the sun set over the bay…it was absolutely beautiful. The. It was back to the hostel for dinner and to hang out with some others who were staying at the hostel.


Monday morning we rose bright and early to check out and then just wandered around town for a while before boarding our bus to Hervey Bay, where we are now for our Fraser Island Tour…more on that coming soon!


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