A Few Fun Days In Agnes Water/1770

Fraser Island really took it out of us, so we were so ready for a few days to just spend chilling out not doing much. Agnes Water (town of 1770) was our next destination and we arrived at about 6 pm after a four hour bus ride from Hervey Bay. When we got to our hostel we met up with Laura and Jen (friends we keep bumping into as we make our way up the coast) and that evening we made a delicious dinner of chicken fajitas…yum!


Our first night in Agnes was an interesting one, with Rachel finding bed bugs on her bed (yuck) and having to move rooms in the middle of the night, but the next morning was a new day and we set about doing…nothing. And I mean absolutely nothing. We sat in the hostel, eating, chatting and perusing the internet (this place had free wifi!) for about 6 hours before deciding that we should really leave the area at least once that day. So, Rach, Laura, Jen and I set off on the 45 minute walk into the town of 1770. This is a slightly strange location, as the two towns are basically in the same place, everyone thinks they are the same place, and they’re connected by one road.


We walked, accompanied by a random dog that led us the entire way before disappearing and heading back in the other direction with another complete stranger, until we got to the town of 1770, where we found an outside excercise park. For some reason we though this would be a great place to stop and have a play, so play we did…there really wasn’t much exercise going on! In the evening, once safely back at the hostel, we made an incredible dinner of Shepherds Pie…a proper English meal that we were all pretty proud of, even if I do say so myself…it was epic!


The next day, Laura, myself and Jen headed into town and to the beach for a surf lesson…advertised as three hours for $17, but really it was only two…still an absolute bargain though. And it was so much fun. Our instructor was a legend and, after catching a few facefuls of water and sand, he had me standing up and actually riding a couple of waves! Wahoo! We even got a certificate at the end of it stating we are now Level 1 surfers…score.


The rest of the day was just spent chilling at the hostel as the heat outside was almost unbearable. Rachel also went to a place called Bustard Point in 1770 while we were just chillaxing, before it was time to shower, pack up our stuff and get the night bus to Airlie Beach…Whitsundays here we come!

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