Traveling NZ’s South Island (Part 2 – Milford Sound & Dad’s visit to Queenstown)

We left our campsite in the morning and headed straight to Milford Sound itself, stopping on the way to see ‘The Chasm’, a big waterfall rushing through a massive crack in the rocks. Then we boarded our boat and the cruise was underway. And I have to say the Sound (which is actually not a Sound but a Fiord) is absolutely breathtaking…there you are, on this little boat, surrounded by and endless sight of water, enormous mountains and waterfalls higher than you’ve ever seen before. Astounding.


After the cruise we had a long way to drive…all the way back to Queenstown! We didn’t make it there until well after dark (with a near running-out-of-petrol disaster…we found a 24hr petrol station just in the nick of time), and ended up staying at this rather bizarre campsite called QBox, right in the city itself. It had a very hostel-y vibe, and we even got asked to pay in beer! Strange.


The next morning it was Rosa’s turn for some adrenaline pumping activity, and we drove to the Kawarau Bridge for her bungy jump…absolute mad woman. The bridge is 43m from the ground (well, water) and you throw yourself from the center of it right down into the river itself. Rosa was the last of her group to jump, and it was pretty obvious she was absolutely terrified…but jump she did (with a lot of screaming). It was perhaps the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, especially as she jumped feet first and so just fell down standing upright for a while until the cord pulled her upside down! Good on you Rosa (although she says she’d never do it again)!


That afternoon it was time for the best treat ever…my dad was coming to visit and we would be spending the next week staying with him at a friend’s house. After 5 months away, it was so lovely to see him and spend time doing fun father-daughter things. Things that included eating great food, drinking great wine (Two Paddocks anyone?), having yummy coffee times, Jet Boating on the Dart River (well, just us girls…dad was too chicken), swimming in a pool with the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen, going for walks, family dinners, lots of shopping, going to a wine festival, birthday parties, riding the Skyline Gondola, playing ping pong, and even visiting a vineyard. Incredible.


But soon enough our week of luxury was over and it was time to say goodbye to my dad and all our new friends and hit the road again. Next up, Dunedin and beyond.

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