Hotel Review: Jucy Hotel, Auckland, NZ

After an incredible 5 weeks in our Jucy Condo Campervan, we decided to stick with the same company for our last night in Auckland (and New Zealand) and stay at the Jucy Hotel. We were really looking forward to a nice night, in a private room, with plenty of space and comfy beds.

But unfortunately, all was not as it seemed. When we arrived and checked into our room, we found that the triple room we had paid for actually meant a teeny tiny space with one double bed and one single (as a bunk bed). Now, we are not averse to sharing beds at all (we’d just spent over a month sharing in the campervan), but when you’ve paid more for a nicer room, you at least expect a bed each! Apparently though, this is Jucy’s policy…to get three beds, you need to pay for a Quattro room, a fact no one told us at the time of booking.


For our one night there, we paid $89 for the room, and were led to believe this was a discounted price for being Jucy customers. However upon complaining about our room, we found out we’d been lied to on a number of occasions, not only about the room itself but about the price and the supposed discount. We actually paid more in person than was advertised on the website…madness! We were also put into the hostel side of the building and not the hotel, where we originally thought we’d booked into.

In the end, after a few negotiations (with the thoroughly unhelpful staff), we managed to get moved into a Quattro room at no extra cost, although still in the hostel and with shared bathrooms. The bathrooms themselves were also a bit strange, with separate showers and toilets, and it wasn’t the cleanest, but fine as bathrooms go. There is also a lounge area with a tv and a small but sufficient kitchen if you fancy cooking your own food. The hostel has (rubbish) computers for its guests to use and the wifi isn’t free either which is a bit of a shame.

The one redeeming quality of the Jucy Hotel/hostel is the location. It’s about 5 minutes walk from Queen Street and all the nice bars and restaurants along the waterfront are also only just a short walk away.
So overall, this place is fine, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it…there are plenty of cheaper (and nicer) places to stay in the city.

Dates stayed: 19 April 2012

My Rating:

Overall: 54%

Atmosphere: 30%
Cleanliness: 50%
Location: 85%
Staff: 25%
Safety: 80%
Value for Money: 55%

One thought on “Hotel Review: Jucy Hotel, Auckland, NZ

  1. Hi Rusja

    Firstly let me just say that it’s fantastic to hear that you had an amazing 5 week trip around New Zealand in one of our JUCY Condos. I’m so glad that JUCY will be part of your roadtrip memories.
    Secondly I would like to apologise for your experience while staying at the JUCY Hotel. I’ve had the chance to look into your comments and you’re booking to see where things went wrong. After having a great experience with our rental crew, I can appreciate your disappointment when you feel the hotel didn’t live up to the same expectations.

    After following this up I can see that you made the booking directly with our team when you dropped your vehicle off in Christchurch. The booking that was made for you by our team in Christchurch was for a triple room on the backpacker side of our hotel and the cost of this was $89 for the night for the whole room (not per person) and this is what you paid to our team in Christchurch at the time of booking. Our hotel has 2 sides to it – one side offering basic backpacker rooms with shared bathrooms and the other offering hotel style rooms with private bathrooms. I’m sorry if this wasn’t made clear to you or you were under the impression at the time of booking that you were booked into the hotel side. The cost for a triple room on the hotel side would have been around $120 for the night for three people.

    Rusja, I do apologise for the confusion and that you felt that the situation was not handled well by the team at our hotel. I can assure you that I have passed your comments onto our Hotel Manager so that she can take this feedback onboard, discuss your comments with our staff and also our team in Christchurch to ensure they are advising customers clearly what has been booked.

    I wish you all the best for the rest of your adventures around the world, and if you would like to contact me directly to discuss any more aspects of your experience feel free to email me directly on

    Lucy xx

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