Hostel Review: Manta Ray Island Resort, Fiji

Manta Ray Island was the second stop on my Fijian island hopping tour, and is one of the Nanuya Islands, a beautiful collection in the middle of nowhere out in the ocean. It’s larger than some of the others, but by no means big at all. It has a beautiful stretch of beach and just behind the beach, nestled into the jungle is the resort itself.

This resort has a great atmosphere and even lovelier staff, who are always willing to help you out with anything you need…they’ll even climb a tree and cut you down a coconut at a moment’s request!

In the main area of the resort there is a bar and chill-out lounge, plenty of tables and even a few hammocks to relax in. As you go further into the island you get to the private bures (houses on stilts), the bathroom (amazing, environmentally friendly, non-flush toilets and some great open roofed showers), the dorm and finally the restaurant.

The dorm is a brilliant place to stay as, even though it holds 32 people, it is split up into partitions of 4 beds, giving you some privacy and the ability to sleep well without being woken up by people crashing around you. The partitions each have a fan and light and beds are very comfortable (each one with its own mostquito net), proving a very relaxing stay.


The resort offers numerous activities throughout the day, including bracelet making, basket weaving, free kayaking, snorkelling (for $20 you get the snorkel gear for the duration of your stay), fishing, and even a sunset cruise ($35) where you go around to the other side of the island, sit on rubber tubes in the sea, listen to music, drink a few beers and watch the sun go down…absolute bliss!

I would say that the only downside to Manta Ray Resort is the cost…I got my accommodation thrown in as part of my FeeJee Experience pass, but it’s the food that gets you. You are required to pay $77 per day (about £27) and this gets you breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is good, but not really worth that much…sometimes they have a menu to choose from and sometimes its buffet style. As I said, all good food, but not really worthy of that price.

Having said that, staying at Manta Ray was a great experience and after three days I really didn’t want to leave. It’s somewhere I’d definitely recommend if you’re ever in Fiji and I’ll most certainly be returning one day.

Dates stayed: 27 – 30 April 2012

My Rating:

Overall: 80%

Atmosphere: 65%
Cleanliness: 85%
Location: 80%
Staff: 95%
Safety: 85%
Value for Money: 70%

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