Hotel Review: Wailoaloa Beach Resort, Nadi, Fiji

Wailoaloa Beach Resort is a great place to stay for a few days in Nadi. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend staying there for longer than that though. It is situated about 10 minutes walk from the beach and just 15 minutes drive from the airport, a perfect location for your first or last port of call in Fiji. Yet while it is a nice resort in itself, with free wifi, a lovely swimming pool, lounge area, nice (cheap) rooms and dorms, unfortunately the cons do outweigh the pros.

We paid just under £20 per night for a private room with ensuite bathroom, which is the cheapest rate they have for private rooms. The dorms are cheaper but not as nice. The resort offers free breakfast and a limited menu for lunch and dinner, all perfectly adequate and reasonably priced. There are also computers available for guest use, which are free for the first 15 minutes and then 10c per minute thereafter (although there was often some confusion about this as sometimes we were charged and sometimes we weren’t)

However, what drags this place down is the service which was, on the whole, absolutely terrible. There was often confusion over meal orders (once, we ordered and it took them 20 minutes to come back and tell us that there were no vegetables!), there was never anyone at the front desk when you needed them, and when there was, they were never able to give you a straight answer to your questions. Oh and don’t even get me started on the palava that ensued when we tried to pay our bill…let’s just say their Maths isn’t that great!

So while it was bliss to be able to just sit and relax and use the free wifi (really the best thing about this resort), I won’t be staying at Wailoaloa again.

Dates stayed: 30 April – 3 May 2012

My Rating

Overall: 64%

Atmosphere: 60%
Cleanliness: 75%
Location: 80%
Staff: 30%
Safety: 75%
Value for Money: 65%

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