Top 10 Things To Do In California

1. Stay at the HI Santa Monica in Los Angeles.

2. Shop on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, LA.

3. Ride the Cable Car in San Francisco.

4. Eat a sourdough chowder bowl at Boudin Bakery on the pier in San Francisco.

5. Stay at San Francisco International Hostel.

6. Have a Mexican…the food I mean. A burrito, fajita, quesadilla…whatever you choose, you won’t be sorry.

7. Stay at Lucky D’s Hostel in San Diego.

8. Walk from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach and enjoy the craziness that is Venice Boardwalk.

9. Save money and travel by Greyhound bus. Yes there are a lot of weirdos on them, and ok it takes longer than flying, but it’s cheap and it’s a great way to see parts of the state that you otherwise wouldn’t.

10. Make a trip to San Diego Zoo to see a huge variety of different animals from all around the world.

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