The Very End

So here I am, sitting in my bed. In London. Wait, what was that? London? Home? Errrrrrr What?!

Yes, I am home. After 319 days, multiple countries, countless modes of transport and plenty of awesome experiences, I am actually back where it all began. And it’s a very strange feeling that’s for sure. Good, but just very strange.

Here’s a quick round up of the last few weeks of my time away…

Summer at camp flew by, with lots of ups and downs, laughs and great times with friends new and old, and then I stayed on at camp for another three weeks to work Fall Camp, during which we worked insanely hard and had heaps of fun getting camp ready for the winter.

Then once camp was over I went on a mini East Coast adventure; staying on a boat on Long Island, visiting friends and family in Portland, Maine and Providence, Rhode Island, before heading to NYC for a few days to hang with my friends and go to what was possibly the best gig I’ve seen in a long time…the musical genius that is Ben Howard. Amazing.

But now all of that is over, and it’s time to face the real world. I’m just not sure I’m ready to be a grown-up yet.

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