The Do’s & Dont’s of Hostel Living

When you spend a long period of time travelling and changing locations and beds every few nights, the hostel living can get a bit tiresome, especially if your dorm mates aren’t particularly considerate. So here’s a few do’s and dont’s that’ll make any hostel stay a little bit more bearable…

Do say hello and introduce yourself when you first arrive. You never know who could potentially become your best friend in just a matter of hours.
Don’t turn the lights on and play music at 4am.
Do make sure to keep your belongings in your area…there’s nothing worse than a disgustingly messy dorm room.
Don’t pee on other peoples beds. It’s just rude.
Do prepare for when you go on a night out, so that when you come back you can just fall into bed and not disturb other people.
Don’t bring plastic bags and rustle them at early/late o’clock.
Do get involved in everything the hostel has to offer, such as free meals, tours, bar crawls – it’s a great way to get to know people and find out more about the city you’re in.
Don’t be antisocial and just sit in your room on your laptop.
Do speak up if someone is doing something to annoy you. Most of the time they won’t even realise and they’ll be perfectly happy to oblige.
Don’t bring uninvited guests back to your room. If you like someone that much, pay for a room…a private one!

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