Top 5 Friday: London Train Stations

1. Kings Cross. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter and of course Platform 9 and 3/4. I was here the other day for the first time since they’ve redone the whole place and it’s pretty spectacular!

2. Paddington. This is a station I’ve frequented more times than I can count, what with it being my main line from London to Falmouth (where I went to uni). It’s a nice place, with plenty of places to eat and easy access to the underground.

3. Victoria. Again, one of my usual haunts, London Victoria is the hub of everything. With trains serving the south of England, great services and close proximity to a few great theatres, I often find myself drawn back here.

4. Waterloo. A confusing place is Waterloo. It’s not a station I use that frequently, but I did actually go there the other day and found myself a little lost amidst a lot of shops and people.

5. Liverpool Street. Probably my least favourite of the lot, but that’s only because I never go there. Nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just a train station, after all.

The brand new western concourse at London Kings Cross station

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