Guest Post: Top Etiquette Tips for Sharing a Cruise Cabin

Sharing with your other half can be a bugbear, never mind someone you don’t spend a great deal of time with, such as a close friend or family member. When you find yourself in close quarters with someone you’re not necessarily as familiar with as your spouse, a few etiquette tips could mean the difference between a pleasurable cruise and otherwise.

Whether it’s a week or more aboard the Voyager of the Seas or any other of the Royal Caribbean cruise deals, sharing a cabin can mean a massive saving compared with going solo. You just need to remember that if it isn’t your other half you’re sharing with, who is used to your habits and vice versa, there are a few things you can do to ensure a pleasant sail.

Voyager of the Seas. Image Courtesy of Thomas Cook
Voyager of the Seas. Image Courtesy of Thomas Cook.

Discuss Excursions and Entertainment
Before the cruise, discuss how you feel regarding excursions and entertainment. Perhaps you are looking at the activities and shore excursions as some rewarding ‘me time’, or maybe you are hoping to spend some of the excursions with your cabin partner. Either way, knowing the score before you sail can ease any awkwardness once you’re at sea.

Share your Space
You may be used to being able to take over the dressing table or hog the hangers, but in a shared cabin with a like-minded friend or relative, you’re going to need to share the space you have. And stow away things you don’t need, like shoes, jackets and underwear. Your other half may be used to you draping your undergarments over the shower rail, but your best mate might not be.

Thomas Cook Cruises. Image Courtesy of Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Cruises. Image Courtesy of Thomas Cook.

Admit to Snoring
At least that way your cabin partner will know in advance whether to pack earplugs!

Be Considerate
If you’re an early morning riser and your cabin partner likes a lie in, or you plan to come home a little tipsy after your friend has turned in for the night, try and stay as quiet as possible so that you don’t disturb them.

Respecting your fellow traveller can go a long way when sharing a small space, but can also make for an unforgettable cruise. Start planning, today.

*Note: This is a sponsored guest post, written by Catherine Lavinia on behalf of travel company Thomas Cook. Go ahead and book your holiday today!

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