Guest Post: Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation

Looking forward to your holiday is all part of the fun. In the weeks running up to your departure date, life seems lighter, work seems easier, and everyone seems to have a chirpier attitude. But once you’re on holiday, how can you make sure you use every second wisely? After all the planning and excitement, you’ll want to make sure you get the very most out of your vacation. Follow these tips to make sure you have the most rewarding holiday ever.

Where will you go...the world is your oyster!
Where will you go…the world is your oyster!

Get organised
First of all, make sure you’ve researched your destination thoroughly. This includes the country itself and its customs, as well as the local area where you’re going to be staying. That way, you’ll know how to act politely and blend in with the locals – no one likes to look overly like a tourist, and avoiding the common overpriced ‘tourist traps’ is a smart way to maximise your holiday spending budget.

Put together a plan
Though you don’t necessarily have to stick to a rigid itinerary, it’s definitely a good idea to bring your guidebooks with you on holiday and consult them before heading out for the day, making a plan of where and what you want to visit. It’s also worth remembering to take them with you on excursions, in case you get lost!

Stay safe
Many cities or popular tourist locations may have problems with street crime, so be aware of how to avoid being a target. Simple precautions can be taken, such as not wearing flashy jewellery or carrying expensive technological items on display. Keep bags and valuables close to your person at all times. It’s a good idea to photocopy your passports and travel documents and email them to friends and family just in case your belongings are lost or stolen.


Trust local knowledge
Don’t be afraid to ask locals for advice, especially the staff or owners of the place where you’re staying. Often, they’ll be pleased that you’re taking an active interest in their home, and will usually know about fantastic places that the guidebooks don’t mention.

Flying to and from your destination can be the most stressful part of any trip, but with careful planning and making the most of the tools available, travelling can be fun and even economical. Collecting air miles as you go is a simple and efficient way of getting more for your money when you travel – visit American Express online for a fantastic selection of travel rewards cards that enable you to save money on flights and top-notch accommodation.

*Note: This is a sponsored guest post, written by Catherine Lavinia on behalf of American Express. Go ahead and book your holiday today!

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