The Final Days in Les Arcs (For

So it’s been a while since my last post and I have some pretty sad news to tell you. This is my last post for Natives as the season is over and I am now back in England and already missing the snow! It’s mental how fast the last 3 months have gone…it feels like just yesterday that I was sat on the train on my way to Les Arcs for the very first time! But before I get too sad and mushy, here’s what I got up for the last few weeks of the season.

After the excitement of the X-Games, things died down a little and we sudden;y became fully aware of how quickly our time in the winter wonderland was running out. So we made it our mission to make the most of every day and get out on the mountain as much as we possibly could. We had a couple of absolutely lush bluebird days, some pretty nasty cloudy days, and a few lazy days where we didn’t quite live up to our own ambitions of hitting the slopes EVERY day (I blame Whistlers Dream Bar and the endless après ski!). But overall it was pretty epic and my boarding skills have come on in leaps and bounds these last few weeks, and I can now proudly say I’m doing red runs with ease (the blacks still terrify me though!).

Then suddenly is was Easter (actually though, how did that happen?) and my whole family descended upon Arc 1950 for a long weekend break in the snow for my younger sister’s birthday. I spent the next 4 and a half days showing the fam around and taking them to my favourite haunts, both on and off the mountain. Most of my family hadn’t skied for about 10 years so we took it nice and easy for the first day or so until they got back into the swing of things, and they had a few lessons with the guys from the awesome ski school Spirit 1950 – I highly recommend them if you’re ever in Les Arcs. And so soon enough they were all right next to me, bombing it down the reds like pros, and we even got my 4-year-old sister going down the baby slope on her own!

The weather was pretty horrific for their first few days but luckily on my sister’s 17th birthday the clouds cleared, the sun came out and we were able to head out onto the slopes in just a hoodie…my favourite way to board. Of course the sunny days meant that I now have a pretty epic goggle tan (seriously, I look like I have a beard). What a great souvenir to take home to London with me!

My family being in Les Arcs meant that I finally got to sample some of the restaurant food down in the fancy resort of 1950, our favourites being Les Belles Pintes (great for pizza and pasta) and the amazing La Bolée creperie (we ate lunch here every single day!). The Manoir de Savoie Hotel (where my family stayed) has a pretty nice restaurant too, so if you ever find yourself in Les Arcs, head to 1950 and get yourself a tasty meal or two.

After an epic few days, it was time to say goodbye to the fam and then it was just 3 more days until I boarded that train back to the UK. We spent Wednesday out on the slopes in the glorious sunshine, hitting up the snow park and having some fun on the airbag, before the weather turned and the visibility was so bad on Thursday and Friday that it really wasn’t possible to go out at all…I couldn’t see a thing! Quite a disappointing end to the season, but we’ve had an amazing time over the months and I suppose the poor weather gave us time to pack, thoroughly clean our beloved little apartment and say our final goodbyes.

And that was it. Season over. Goodbye Les Arcs, it’s been an absolute blast.

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