Guest Post: How To – Hire Ski Equipment

As an expert, frequent skier, you probably won’t have to worry about hiring equipment because as you develop your skills and your love for the sport grows, you’re probably likely to invest in your own kit that is fitted perfectly to suit your requirements.

However, as a beginner or intermediate skier (or perhaps even those who don’t ski regularly enough to warrant spending on their own gear), ski hire will be a pivotal part of your winter break, with ski rental being at the top of your to-do list once you have arrived and settled in resort.

Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays
Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays

While those who have skied before will be akin with the basic procedure about what to do and where to go for the necessary equipment hire, it could be all Double Dutch for those who have never stepped foot on a piste before. Most package providers operate in a similar way so here’s the basic information you’ll need to ensure that you aren’t like a deer caught in the headlights when you land in the resort.

Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays
Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays
  • When you book your ski holiday, check whether there is any equipment deal that you may be eligible for, that can save you a bundle compared with hiring on the day. You can often great deals are available, such as free helmets, when you book in advance. Take advantage of them to save pounds.
  • It can be daunting, choosing the skis that will suit your requirements. The expert fitters will be able to recommend what they think you’ll need depending on your ability, with the standard gear being most suited to beginners and intermediates.
  • If you have large feet (usually larger than size 11), make sure you let them know at the time of booking to make sure they will be available.
  • The ski equipment hire will be available from a shop that is usually in the centre of the resort, next to the main ski lifts. Get used to where it is and how to get there from your accommodation, to avoid getting lost!
  • Once you’ve hired your kit, it’s yours for the duration of your trip. Look after it.

Take a look at the fabulous ski deals available online at the moment and head for the mountains during the coming winter season.

Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays
Image courtesy of Neilson Holidays


*Note: This is a sponsored guest post, written by Catherine Lavinia on behalf of Neilson Holidays. Go ahead and book your holiday today!

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