Guest Post: Why The Lake District Is The Best Place For A Winter Break

When the chilly winter breeze rolls around, most holidayers pack their bags for the scenic cities of Italy or the beautiful coastline of Greece. As tempting as jetting off to warmer climates may be, some of the best winter destinations are here at home.

The Lake District, widely regarded as one of the country’s best summer destinations, is also a great place to visit in winter. From scenery to cuisine, read on to discover the seven great characteristics of the Lake District that make it perfect for winter breaks.

1.    Excellent winter weather
Think of the Lake District and you’ll think of beautiful scenery, stunning local towns, and, of course, rain. While summer is undoubtedly the Lake District’s peak season, it still suffers from rainy weather that affects its rugged scenery to an extreme extent.

In winter, however, the rain clouds disperse and the entire region becomes covered in beautiful white snow. Enjoy the same remarkable scenery as you’d see in summer with a charming winter appearance – and, of course, far clearer skies than usual.

The Lake District is even more beautiful in winter than at the peak of summer. (photo credit
The Lake District is even more beautiful in winter than at the peak of summer. (photo credit

2.    Hundreds of attractions
The Lake District is one of the country’s top tourist destinations, and the hundreds of great attractions that bring crowds in summer are also available during winter, often with queues that are significantly shorter than usual.

Enjoy the same outdoor activities, the best local cultural attractions, and the best of the Lake District’s culinary community without the queues, the crowds, or the high prices of the peak tourism season.

3.    Incredible English scenery
The Lake District’s scenery takes on a new look in winter. The beautiful mountains and rugged farmland become covered in powdery white snow, making the region look like a beautiful piece of rural artwork.

If you’re seeking England’s finest winter scenery, be sure to book a trip to the Lake District during winter. Not only will the beautiful rolling hills look their best – you’ll be able to enjoy them with very few other visitors.

4.    A wide range of lodging options
From Lake District holiday homes for sale to great local hotels, the accommodation of the Lake District becomes less expensive and far more widely available during the winter.

Enjoy five-star accommodation at excellent prices. From holiday lodges to serviced apartments, the Lake District’s top accommodation options before more affordable in the winter.

5.    Easy to access by road or rail
The Lake District is one of the country’s easiest ‘remote’ holiday destinations to get to, regardless of how you’re travelling. Access the region by rail from one of several nearby cities, or fly in and catch the bus from Manchester Airport.

Likewise, the Lake District is a very accessible destination for drivers. Parking is easy to find in the National Park’s major towns and travel destinations, while the scenic roads make the region one of Britain’s best motoring destinations.

6.    Great local cuisine
The Lake District may be known for its scenery, but its cuisine is where the region really excels. Try the Kendal mint cake – a famous sweet that’s prepared right here in the Lake District – or pop into a local pub for some tasty culinary delights.

7.    An exotic getaway at home
With its beautiful scenery and calm winter weather, the Lake District offers a travel experience that’s hard to find within the UK. Instead of travelling to Switzerland or France, enjoy an exotic getaway experience that’s located at home in England.

One of the Lake District’s most charming features is its ability to take you out of the day-to-day life of work and into a remote, beautiful destination. Enjoy the relaxation and refreshment of an international holiday without having to leave the country.

*Note: This article was written by South Lakeland Parks. Visit their website to learn more about the Lake District’s top attractions and accommodation options.

One thought on “Guest Post: Why The Lake District Is The Best Place For A Winter Break

  1. Indeed! The Lake District is quite magical in winter.

    From moody skies following rains to beautiful crisp blue skies and white capped peaks – a definite photographers delight.

    As the snowdrops burst through walks through woods are an absolute joy and you know that the famous Wordsworth’s daffodils will not be long in coming.

    Fast becoming a county renowned for its culinary finesse there is something for every palate and often served by a roaring fire in a charming location too 🙂

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