Monthly Spending Summary: November ’13

November’s been a pretty static one, and by that I mean that I’ve really just been enjoying life in Sydney, living like a city girl again. I’ve been doing a lot of blogging and trying to get work as a freelance writer (sometimes successfully and sometimes not so), as well as a couple of epic trips to the beach on the few sunny days we’ve had (the weather has been pretty crap this month), and some random days exploring the city. So there’s not that much to tell in terms of exciting goings on I’m afraid…just living.

Now for the breakdown…

Distance Travelled: 0km (unless you count going from my apartment to the beach)
Countries: Australia
Cities: Sydney
Transport Used: Car, Bus, Train, Skateboard
Money Spent: £1051,21 over 30 days = £35.04 per day (or £27.33 without the CCUSA fees)

November was supposed to be a relatively quiet one. So how on earth have I spent so much money?! Last month I went over my budget but not by that much, so I thought that this month I’d be able to stick to my self-set budget of $1200, but apparently not. Some random costs cropped up this month that I just couldn’t avoid. See below for more details of my monthly spending for November.

November spending
My spending in November

Breakdown of my spending (in AU$):

Payments (rent, website, visas etc): $1181.99
Misc (gifts etc): $190.17
Food (eating/drinking out): $165.92
Groceries: $153.23
Personal (health, cosmetics etc): $88.53
Utilities (phone/bills/laundry): £46
Wardrobe: $45
Transport: $14.40

Total: $1885.24


Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: Again, rent is a biggie and there’s not really much I can do about that. It doesn’t help that I pay rent on a Friday and November had 5 Fridays! I also spent a fair amount on Xmas gifts for my fam – in 21 days I’m seeing them for the first time in 7 months and I wanted to get them all something nice. And finally, the biggest expense this month was definitely my CCUSA fees so I can go back to Camp Sloane next summer – if I want to go back, I’ve got to spend the money to get the visa…no way around it.

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