Photo Of The Week: The Morning After The Night Before


I won’t lie to you. Today is a struggle. Yes, it’s a self-inflicted struggle, but a struggle all the same. Last night was our friend Bulmer’s birthday so we all went out to Newtown to an awesome bar called Miss Peaches to celebrate. And it got, well, a little bit (or more like heaps) messy. There were drinks, there was conversations, there was laughter and um, even more drinks. So let’s just say we’re feeling a little bit worse for wear today. Getting home at 4:30am isn’t the best way to make sure you do something productive with your day! So instead of showing you the state we’re in on the morning after the night before, I thought it would be nicer if this week’s photo was of us last night, blissfully unaware of how today would feel. Oh I wish I could go back to that!

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