Photo Of The Week: Rain, Rain, Go Away

20140302-151930.jpgIt’s been a pretty wet and rainy week here at Honeycomb Valley and I’m left wondering where my Australian summer has gone? For the last 3 days the rain has poured down on us, and while it is very good for the fields and gardens, it’s not so good for my tan! Those of you that know me (or read the blog regularly) will know that I am a sun chaser. I hate the cold and wet winter of England and live for the yellow days where I can bask in the glory of the beautiful sunshine, hence why Australia was my country of choice for this year! The rain itself doesn’t really bother me, especially when I’m doing a lovely muddy job like planting Christmas trees as I was doing this afternoon, but it’s the grey sky that gets me down. However there’s always a silver lining, so the other day I took my Olloclip out in the rain to get some fun macro photos of raindrops and spiders webs. This was the result.

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