Photo Of The Week: Honeycomb Valley Girls

Honeycomb Valley Girls
Honeycomb Valley girls at the Nabiac Show

Farm life is ticking along quite nicely. We’ve been here 6 weeks today (or to be more precise 42 days) and time is flying by. Only another 47 days to go (if my calculations are correct) and then we will be back in Sydney for a couple of weeks before we leave this beautiful country and head to the USA for another summer at camp! It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re loving life! Anyway, onto today’s photo – yesterday we took ourselves and our farm produce (honey, jam, cordial, soaps, teas, mustards, and other sauces) to the Nabiac Show for an awesome day of selling and chatting to the locals. The show was heaps busy with lots of different things going on, such as show jumping, goats and chickens for sale, a dog show, reptiles, a magician, music, artwork, needlework, knitting, fairground rides and stalls and much more. Our little stall was pretty popular throughout the day and it felt great to be able to chat to all these people about what we do here at the farm and it made me really appreciate how awesome this place actually is!

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