Photo Of The Week: It’s a Good Good Life


Good Life Farm Sunset

Since my last post about what I consider normal in this life, I’ve been thinking a lot about why and how I travel. Obviously I love to travel, to get out there and see the world and experience different cultures, but recently I’ve been wondering if I’m now just travelling for travel’s sake? I think I need to stop for a while and reassess why I love it so much and how I can keep travelling without losing that passion. I want to find a reason for my travels, whether that be a certain way of getting around (I’m craving a bit of a back to basics adventure like this guy), some sort of volunteer or charity work, or a race such as the Rickshaw Challenge or the Mongol Rally… just something that gives my travels a sense of purpose instead of the somewhat aimless (albeit very enjoyable) wandering I’ve been doing over the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy my nomadic life, in fact I LOVE my life, but I suddenly find myself wanting more from it. This really is a good life, and I want it to stay that way!

3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: It’s a Good Good Life

    1. Thanks, yeah I think it’s just a matter of finding something I really really want to do, or somewhere I absolutely have to go!

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