Photo Of The Week: Our New Home

Our New Home Caravan Farm
Our New Home

Farm life has been continuing on pretty smoothly. We’ve had lots of sun. We’ve had lots of rain. And we’ve had lots of laughs and plenty of fun. After Dave and Jules (the other WWOOFers) left last week, it was just the three of us living in our cabin for the last 9 days or so, but then yesterday it was moving day! The school holidays are coming up, so both cabins are going to be full with paying guests (that’s right, you can come and stay at the farm and do fun farmy things!), so we’ve now moved into our new home for the next month (yup, it’s only a month until we leave the farm…it’s gone so fast!), these two awesome little caravans that have been cleaned up and made lovely just for us! There’s also a converted shipping container right next to the caravans that, once it’s fully finished, will serve as our kitchen and shower area. It’s a pretty cool little space, just for us…just like camping, but a little more luxurious!

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