Monthly Spending Summary: March ’14

If you go back to February’s spending summary, you could probably copy and paste the parts about what I’ve been up to this month, give or take a few changes. I’m still busy working at Honeycomb Valley Farm and absolutely loving it… one of the best bits being that I’m spending absolutely NO MONEY! It’s great. Aside from the Macklemore concert ticket at the start of the month, a few small items I bought on my days off every week (ok, it’s all just chocolate), and some presents for my dad’s and little sister’s birthdays, I pretty much have no outgoings whatsoever. It’s awesome to be able to save and know that I’ll be heading back to the USA at the end of next month (!) with a nice chunk of money to keep me going.

Distance Travelled:
Nabiac to Forster and back – 29 miles
Nabiac to Newcastle and back – 176 miles
Nabiac to Taree and back (x2) – 68 miles
Total = 273 miles

Countries: Australia
Cities/Towns: Nabiac, Forster, Newcastle, Taree
Transport Used: Car.
Money Spent (in GBP): £133.89 over 28 days = £4.32 per day! WOW!

So, as predicted, it’s really been an insanely cheap month. Seriously, the last time I lived this cheaply I was in Thailand! Like I said though, aside from the Macklemore ticket and some birthday presents, the only things I’ve spent money on are day off snacks (we get all our food aside from sweet snacky things provided for free here at the farm). Let’s see if I can make next month even cheaper!

Monthly Spending Summary
March Spending

Breakdown of my spending (in AU$):

Amusement (concerts etc): $93.80
Misc (gifts etc): $70.14
Groceries: $51.69
Transport: $20
Groceries: $90.27
Food (Eating out): $5.30
Total: $240.93

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: My biggest expense this month was hands down the spontaneous ticket to see Macklemore live in Newcastle. Luckily we were able to borrow the car and drive down, so the petrol costs were pretty low, and it truly was the GREATEST night EVER, so in this case it’s (quite a lot of) money well spent.

So all in all, March has been my best/cheapest month yet since I’ve been doing these monthly spending summary posts, and it’s pretty amazing to see how much for your budget really goes towards food and rent… and since I’m now paying for neither, I’ve been able to do some pretty epic saving!

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    1. Haha totally. He is amazing! Will do… Got a money saving post in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

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