Photo Of The Week: Out On The Lake

Lake sunset camp summer
Sunset at Sloane

These past few weeks back at camp have been pretty glorious (yes, I’m aware I didn’t post a photo of the week last Sunday…the days just seems to all merge into one once I’m here) – we’ve been working hard, playing hard and generally having a pretty great time. The evenings during the Spring season are entirely our own to do with what we want, so the other night we went out on the lake and took some boats for a play on the water. Paddling out into the middle of the lake with my friends, following a beaver around, watching the sun go down and then having a campfire…well, it doesn’t really get much better than that, does it?! There are certain times of day when the lake just looks spectacular and this particular night happened to be one of them. Sometimes I have to take note and remind myself that this is where I live and this is my life!

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