Photo Of The Week: Amsterdam Loves You

Amsterdam travel love graffiti
Amsterdam Loves You

As some of you might know, if you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page, this week I went to Amsterdam with some friends for a few days of fun, laughs, shopping, wandering, exploring and all the other stuff that one goes to Amsterdam for! It was great to get out of London and do something different (I was starting to go a little stir crazy in the 6 weeks since I got home), and it was a trip we’d been talking about for while, so the fact that it actually became a reality was pretty awesome. We rented our own apartment near the centre (right next to the Anne Frank House… thanks Airbnb), with its own rooftop terrace and an insane view over the city, and spent our days getting lost among the canals and bicycles. And while we didn’t quite manage to get through everything on the list I made after my last trip to Amsterdam, we thoroughly enjoyed our brief little holiday and will definitely be going back for more!

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