5 Planning Tips For A Summer Holiday In The City

When most people start to plan their summer holiday, they immediately think about which beach they would like to bake themselves on for the duration of their trip. While beach breaks are always awesome and often much-needed, sometimes we crave the culture, sights and attractions that come with a city break. A summer holiday in the city is a completely different beast from a beach vacation when it comes to planning. You will have to consider how you will spend you time there, what you will pack and many other things. To help you prepare for you city summer holiday, here are 5 planning tips.

1. Pick your city carefully

It’s important to be aware that during peak season popular cities will be crowded. You can choose to accept the fact that it will be busy, the costs will be high, and you will probably have to queue for popular attractions. Or, if you can’t accept these facts, choose a less-known city or town to visit which is likely to be less busy.

France trams city break
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2. Consider your accommodation options

When holidaying in the city you will have many things to consider with regards to your accommodation. It is a good idea to browse through your options on websites like Venere so you can see what’s on offer in your destination of choice. Do you want to stay in the heart of the city, or be a little off the beaten track? Do you want to stay somewhere designed for visitors to the city or do you want a more authentic experience? These answers will help you find the ideal accommodation for your trip.

Sunset Florence Italy
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3. Book in advance

It’s the same for every holiday, the earlier you book your flights and accommodation, the more choice you will have and the cheaper the holiday will be. However, with a city break it is a good idea to book other elements of your trip in advance. If you can organise admission to some of the top sight before your holiday, do it! You will beat the queues and avoid missing out. The same goes for any restaurants or other places you are desperate to experience during your holiday.

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4. Pack with care

A city break in the summer usually means baking heat and lots of walking. So, when it comes to packing, always keep your comfort at the forefront of your mind. Sensible footwear, loose-fitting clothing, hats, sunglasses and practical bags are all essentials for a summer holiday in the city.

5. Do your research

The whole point of a city break is to soak up the culture and sights within the location. In advance of you trip, research the city and make a list of all of the things you want to do and see. You may also want to get yourself a guidebook so that you can navigate around the city easily and learn much more about it.


With a little bit of planning, you can have the perfect holiday in the city. Get your culture on this summer!

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