Monthly Spending Summary: August ’15

Yup, it’s nearly the end of September, I know. But anyway, here’s August’s spending breakdown. Much like July, August was pretty much just spent at camp, plodding along with daily summer life, and planning for my post camp travels (at vast expense!)… read on to find out more.

Distance Travelled:

Lakeville to Millerton (RTN x 10) –  80 miles

Total = 80 miles

Countries: USA
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton
Transport Used: Car, Skateboard
Money Spent (in USD): $1137.99 over 31 days = $36.71 per day (or £23.65)!

So it’s gone from spending nothing extravagant last month, to blowing through a whole heap of cash this month. Oops. But to be honest I don’t really mind because the majority of August’s spending went on my upcoming travels. I paid a deposit for my surfing trip to Costa Rica and booked a whole load of flights across the country and back again. Oh and food. I don’t know how I do it… I get free food at camp, so how I spend this much every month I don’t really know?!

Spending, travel budget, saver
My spending breakdown, using the ‘Saver’ app

Breakdown of my spending :

Vacation: $784.60
Food: $182.10
Wardrobe: $70.64
Personal: $58.43
Groceries: $28.22
Utilities: $8
Auto: $4
Amusement: $2

Total: $1137.99

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: All the flights and deposits I’ve had to pay for my upcoming travels – NYC to Fresno, LA to Costa Rica and CR to NYC. Wow. But I couldn’t be more excited for it all. Bring on the travelling. It’s been a while.

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