Photo Of The Week: The Last Days Of Summer


This week has been a week of lasts. It was the last few days of Fall Camp. It was the last time I’d see a few friends for quite a while. The last days spent at summer camp, packing up and saying goodbye to my favourite place in the world. And the last campfire of the summer. If you want to read more about my last few weeks at camp, head over to a blog I’ve been writing for 3 Adventures! And now I’m in New York City, enjoying a few last days of shopping and sightseeing before I head to California and then on to Central America for nearly two months of surfing, yoga and backpacking around Costa Rica and Panama. I’m heading to a place called ‘School of the World‘ in Costa Rica to enjoy a whole new type of travelling – a ‘learning vacation’ – and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be blogging about the whole trip, so keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of reviews and updates!

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