Monthly Spending Summary: Dec ’15

December was ages ago. I know. What can I say, time just gets away from me. So what on earth did I do in December?! I had a big get-together with friends from summer camp in London, then took a trip to Cornwall to visit the place where I lived for 4 years during uni – it was so weird to go back see all the old haunts and go for walks along the beach on a cold and wintery day. And then all of a sudden it was time to fly away to the sunshine for Christmas and spend 10 days swimming, tanning and playing on the beach.

Distance Travelled:

London to Port Navas (RTN) – 600 miles

Port Navas to Falmouth (RTN) – 16 miles

London to Mauritius – 12,000 miles

Total = 12,616 miles

Countries: UK, Mauritius
Cities/Towns: London, Port Navas, Falmouth, Flic En Flac
Transport Used: Train, Car, Plane
Money Spent (in GBP): £454.48 over 31 days = £14.66 per day!

Not bad. Not bad. It definitely helped that I went on a family holiday at the end of the month that involved me spending zero money. But London is expensive, and I really need to try and spend less in January!

Saver spending summary

Breakdown of my spending :

Wardrobe: £106.80
Misc (gifts etc): £101.99
Food: £84.55
Transport: £70.60
Personal: £62
Groceries: £16.54
Utilities: £12

Total: £454.48

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: Christmas presents. They’re the December killer. Always.

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