The One Where We Didn’t Want To Leave Montañita

So we were supposed to stay in Montañita for 2 nights. It’s now 6 days later and we’re still here. Whoops. But if you were sat here, where I am right now, in a beautiful hostel, surrounded by good people (and don’t forget the donkeys), looking out at the beach and waves, you wouldn’t want to leave either.

Machalilla National Park
Machalilla National Park

We haven’t really done a lot in the last week; just enjoyed the chilled atmosphere, the sunshine (when it’s decided to grace us with its presence), the food, and the ability to do absolutely nothing. Having worked so hard at camp for so many months, I’ve really relished the opportunity to be very, very lazy. But that’s what this life is all about right? To do what you want, when you want, how you want.

Machalilla National Park
I could look at this forever

We did go to a National Park last week though. Along with a couple of others from the hostel, we got up early and flagged down the ‘green bus, not the blue one‘ from the side of the road and enjoyed the beautiful ride along the coast and through the mountains for about an hour until we reached the entrance to Machalilla National Park, just near the town of Puerto Lopez and home to the much talked about Isla de la Plata.  It was about a 3km hike through the dry forest to reach some incredible lookout spots and stunning beaches. We checked them all out before deciding where we wanted to settle for the day and headed straight for the water.

Machalilla National Park
Walking through the dry forest

After playing in the sea for a bit, we decided to venture a little further and eventually came across Los Frailes, the beach that everyone talks about. Even though it wasn’t particularly sunny, this beach didn’t disappoint, with its long stretch of white sand as far as they eye could see.

Isla de La plata ecuador
Looking out at Isla de la Plata

The rest of the week has really just been spent relaxing at Kamala Hostel, still one of my favourite places I think I’ve ever stayed – I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Each day we woke up and said to each other, ‘shall we stay a little longer?‘. We explored the town too, which really can only described as a bit of a tourist trap, with everyone trying to see you something, as should be expected. I’m glad we chose to stay a little way out of town, as I imagine that it would be hectic at night – the nightlife is what this place is famed for.

Montanita ecuador surf life
That surf life

I finally got out on the waves too and, although the swell wasn’t particularly great and my surfing skills have taken a dive in the 3 years since I’ve last been on a board, that familiar feeling of nothingness and weightlessness took over me as soon as I managed ride that first wave.

And now we have one day left in this paradise – tonight we board a bus to Baños, where we’ll be exploring some waterfalls, trails and of course, the famous swing.

Waves Montanita Ecuador
Enjoying the waves

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