Round The World 2011/12

I’m currently in the process of planning an epic RTW trip with my two best mates for after uni. It’s coming along nicely…this is the plan so far (give or take a few alterations):

6 weeks in SE Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

2 and half months in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Bryon Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, then road trip it up the East Coast to Cairns

1 month in New Zealand – get the Kiwi Experience Bus from Auckland to Christchurch, seeing all the sights along the way

2 weeks in Fiji – just chilling, and maybe a spot of diving perhaps?

Then possibly 6 weeks in the US of A, going from West to East Coast. If we have any money left by then, that is!

See all RTW related blog posts here and find out more as I get down to the nitty-gritty planning details.

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