Stress Me Out

Today has been stressful. With a capital STRESS.  We start filming on Friday and there is so much to do. My task for today was to finish the storyboard…quite simple, no? Well yes, it would be. If my printer hadn’t decided to die on me. Of all the days. When I actually need to print a shed-load of stuff, it says ‘um actually no. I won’t let you’. I really could have thrown it out the window.

But I managed to relax…and just played guitar instead. Learned a new song – ‘Us’ by Reginor Spektor. Loving it. There’s nothing quite like a sing-song and a good old bash at the strings to calm these anxieties.

I try to just think: Stop stressing. It has to get done. So it will.
I don’t know yet whether this attitude will work in my favour or not. We’ll see.

On the plus side though, my STA application video has had over 200 views so far, and it’s only been up for about 24 hours, so all’s good on that front. Keep those votes coming!

2 thoughts on “Stress Me Out

  1. Just think…what’s the worst that can happen and am I likely to still be alive at the end? If the answer is yes, then it’s not worth stressing about….well not too much anyway!

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