The Bucket List

I think it’s important for everyone to have a Bucket List – a set of goals and targets for their life, big or small.

Mine’s pretty extensive, and some of the things on the list may or may not be feasible. But a girl can always dream, right?

1. Ride on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.
2. InterRail around Europe.
3. Spend a year living in another country.
4. Skydive. [DONE: March 2012]
5. Go Hang-Gliding.
6. Visit 30 countries before I’m 30.
7. See Robbie Williams live in concert (I love him). [DONE: November 2012]
8. Run the London marathon for Teenage Cancer Trust.
9. Build a boat and learn to sail.
10. Road Trip across the USA.
11. Re-trace Chris McCandless’ (aka Alexander Supertramp) travels (but don’t die, obviously!)
12. Learn to Surf. Properly.
13. Win an Oscar. Or a Bafta. Or both.
14. Get a photograph published in a well-known magazine.
15. Send a secret to PostSecret and have it shown on the website.
16. Get a tattoo. [DONE: December 2011]
17. Learn another language.
18. Build a house.
19. Get really good at snowboarding. [DONE: May 2013]
20. Learn to scuba dive (and stop being so scared of the sea in the process). [DONE: March 2012]
21. Give Blood. [DONE: February 2010]
22. Leave home and don’t return until I’ve been to all the countries I want to visit.
23. Have kids.
24. See the Northern Lights. [DONE: October 2005]
25. Hold or pet a monkey/lion/tiger. [DONE: November 2011]
26. Visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia at sunrise. [DONE: December 2011]
27. Own a dog. A Golden Shepherd to be exact. And call him Supertramp.
28. Road Trip through South Africa.
29. Survive for at least 6 months without access to my laptop (for those of you who know me, this is a real challenge). [DONE: May 2012]
30. Graduate from Uni with at least a 2:1. [DONE: June 2011…I got a 1st!]
31. Walk the Great Wall of China.
32. Design or invent something for Apple.
33. Visit the Grand Canyon.
34. Pass my driving test. [DONE: May 2010]
35. Play with/bathe an Elephant.
36. Go to Glastonbury Festival. [DONE: June 2010]
37. See dolphins up close. [DONE: December 2011]
38. Dive/snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. [DONE: February 2012]
39. Get my written work properly published. [DONE: October 2012]
40. Make this blog successful so it can sustain my travels.
41. Get a career that I love.
42. Set foot on each of the seven continents.
43. Road Trip South America – from Mexico to Chile and everywhere in between.
44. Spend a month saying ‘Yes’ to everything.
45. Try sand-boarding.
46. Visit Iguazu Falls.
47. Go to Machu Piccu.
48. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. [DONE: October 2005]
49. Buy and own a car. [DONE: September 2010]
50. Watch a beautiful sunrise just for the sake of it.
51. Get my solo skydiving certification
52. Complete a scuba diving PADI qualification

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