What Are You Doing To Me?

23rd of March. D-Day. The moment of truth. Or so I thought. Imagine my dismay last night when I went online to find this:

So…STA have extended the deadline for the first round for the World Traveller Intern competition and as much as that’s great for those who hadn’t gotten around to entering yet, for those of us (Paddy Doyle, Emma Sparks, Harry Harris, Sophie Collard etc etc) who’ve all been eagerly and impatiently awaiting the day we find out if we’ve made it into the top 50…this is AGONY!
I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so much in my entire life and I think that’s because I feel like it is a job that would suit me down to the ground. This competition is honestly all I think about, I’m utterly obsessed! But I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

I got an email from the lovely Fran of STA TravelBuzz the other day asking me some questions about the competition, and although I did email him back, and post a response on twitter (click here), I thought I might try to sum up my experience of the competition on here too:

How have you been preparing for the next stage if you were to go through?

As much as I really really want this, I’ve been trying to think about it just one stage at a time, so I’m not massively crushed if I don’t make it through to the next round (although I definitely will be)…but I guess I’ve just been giving a lot of thought about WHY I want to travel and what it is about ME  that would be so good for this job. I’ve got a few ideas on the go for another video if I were to get into the top 10 and, like Paddy, I too can often be spotted talking to myself as I answer some imaginary phone interview questions!  But that’s a long way off, not even into the top 50 yet!

Note to self: stop getting so carried away.

Any particular views about the competition so far? 
I’ve been following the US version of this competition since it began and have just been waiting and hoping that one day there’d be a UK one, so when I first got the news I really threw myself headfirst into it. No, really. I was so excited I stayed up all night planning my application video.

I’ve loved the whole thing…had such an awesome time making my application video (neglected my uni work for a good 2 weeks…oops!) and campaigning for votes by any means possible… …facebook/twitter/word of mouth, you know the drill. It’s also so great to be able to interact (via social networking sites) with some of the other applicants – meeting like-minded people is really what it’s all about right? I think my mates are getting pretty sick of me talking about it, so it’s nice to have some people who know how I’m feeling!

Have you been particularly impressed with other applicants?

Overall, the videos are great and so diverse, with everyone finding different ways of expressing themselves (Thomas Minnock‘s is particularly clever and original, with an awesome backing track). It’s slightly worrying actually – more and more fantastic videos are being posted everyday, making mine ebb away into obscurity 😛

I think my favourite applicants at the moment are Paddy Doyle, Harry Harris and Emma Sparks…not only because of how great their videos are, but also because of how involved they’ve been…they seem just as enthusiastic and excited as I am, which is great! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s crazy-obsessed with this.

With shameless self-promotion I once again say…vote for meeee!

Bring on the new deadline…Thursday 25th of March.
And please, STA, don’t change it again. I don’t think my nerves can take it!

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