Welcome To The Jungle

Just done my first day’s work experience at Princess Productions in London (aka the people who make T4) and it was soooo good! So much better than I expected it would be. For starters, everyone is so nice and the atmosphere around the place is so chilled out and relaxed. No one really seems to be stressed or rushed at all, which is nice.
The day started with a tour of the place…offices, edit suite, post-production, the gallery (where the director sits in a room with a gazillion screens to watch what is being recorded) and finally the studio, where I watched (and got involved with the clapping/cheering/laughing) Grimmy (aka Nick Grimshaw) do all the links that will go between the shows on Saturday’s show.
I was introduced to everyone (whose names I promptly forgot), and given a few simple tasks to do.
Then things got just a little bit exciting…Jude Law and Forest Whittaker arrived to do an interview about their new film, Repo Men! It was quite strange, to be standing in this studio that I’ve only ever seen on TV, watching presenter Nick Grimshaw chat to these two massive film stars…crazy.

If you listen close enough, you might even be able to hear me clapping.

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