Belgium: Day Two

Today was a proper ‘exploring’ day. We set off for Bruges at about half eleven this morning, arriving roughly an hour later to streets lined with chocolate shops, all absolutely packed with tourists. We excitedly rushed up and down the streets, looking at the different chocolates on display (even buying a few [boxes] to take home with us!), and being enticed by all the vibrant colours and delicious smells.

When sufficiently sick of all this chocolatey goodness, we ventured further into the centre of the city, towards the canal and the Markt, passing yet more chocolate shops on the way. The Markt is the focal point of Bruges and is where most of the city’s restaurants and cafe’s are situated…so after looking around for a bit, we picked one and went in for some well deserved food. Forty-five minutes later, and with full tummies, we made our way over to the Belfort Tower (a landmark some of you may recognise from the film In Bruges) to climb all 366 steps right to the top, but when we arrived there was a massive queue to even climb just one step, so instead we headed to the Burg, a square that is walled by beautiful old buildings, churches and museums.
After all that sightseeing, there was just enough time before heading back to the hotel in Antwerp for one last treat…a very large ice cream!

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