Belgium: Day Three

With it being our last day, we thought we’d head out into Antwerp for a little explore and some light shopping, but when we got to the main shopping street (the Meir) we discovered that, because it’s Easter Monday and therefore a bank holiday, none of the shops were open! Our plans scuppered, we just wandered around a bit, gazing longing in all the shop windows until we decided that we should probably do something cultural, so we headed to Reubenshuis, (the house where the painter, Rubens, used to live) which has been done up and re-furnished to look just as it might have done when Rubens lived there and is full of all his artwork. However we all thought the most interesting thing was the embossed and gilded leather wallpaper.
After this cultural excursion we went off in search of a nice cafe for lunch, and ended up in a cute little place called ‘jam’, which served delicious pasta and toasted sandwiches. Once full to bursting point (food seems to be a theme of this weekend, doesn’t it?!), we went back to the hotel to collect our bags and we were soon on our way back to Brussels station and quickly on the Eurostar heading for London.
It’s a been a fantastic three days, full of fun and culture and discovery, but most of all full of chocolate. When asked what has been the best bit of the holiday, my sisters all replied: “THE FOOD!” What a surprise. So there you go, if you like food, Belgium’s your place. It’s pretty good for culture too.

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