Life, oh life

This week has been a hectic one, full of uni work, library visits and of course, STA stuff. I had my phone interview (to try to get into the top 10) on Monday and I think it went pretty well, although it’s really hard to tell over the phone, because you just can’t gauge someone’s reactions to what you say. I didn’t know when to stop talking! Some of the questions were cool and I was sort of expecting them, so I’m pleased with my answers for those but there were a few that threw me a bit – like ‘how would you advertise yourself on a billboard?’ and ‘what is your claim to fame?’. I think I did pretty well and came up with some good answers, but annoyingly now in hindsight I keep coming up with better ones. But oh well, I need to stop that, other wise I’ll drive myself crazy! I did my best, and that’s all I could do. You can’t predict what it is that they’re looking for so you jut have to be yourself and hope for the best. So fingers crossed.

They said the Top 10 will be announced either today or tomorrow. I want to be on that list sooooo badly! If I do get in, then I’ve got my next video all planned out and I have a HUGE marketing campaign in mind, but that’s a big IF. All the other applicants are fantastic so I say good luck to everyone, may the best 10 get through.

In other news, I’m back at uni after a really good Easter break and I have absolutely insane amounts of work to do. And only 5 weeks (well, nearly 4 now) to do it in: one presentation, one essay (3000 words), one research project (4000) words, and a film to finish (re-shoots, ADR sound stuff, finish the soundtrack, finish editing, write a group essay, write a self-reflective essay and complete my portfolio). So much to do, so little time! My motto: it will get done, because it has to get done!

Right, enough for today. I’m off. Got my presentation in just under 2 hours. Might just have another read through of my notes.

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