Summer Camp USA

So I’ve decided that next summer, instead of just going on a few holidays and generally bumming around, I’m going to actually get off my arse and DO something. And after speaking to the BUNAC people at a careers fair the other day at uni, I’ve come to conclusion that the something I will be doing is going to Summer Camp in America to be a camp counsellor…no not that sort of counsellor. It means I’ll be looking after the kids, doing activities with them like film-making, photography, all sorts of sports, and generally just having a good time.

I want to do this soooo badly…At the moment I don’t really have enough formal experience working with kids, so I’ve contacted the Girlguides people and will hopefully be volunteering with them (starting asap, fingers crossed!) which will beef up my application form.

Ah yes, the application form…what a palava. They want so much information, about me, about my background, my experience working with children, that sort of thing. And then I have to go to an interview (I’m hoping to book it for late January) for them to see if I really am suitable for it and what kind of camp I should be placed at…and then they have to find a job at a camp for me! If I get accepted that is.

But if all goes according to plan, I will be in America come the end of June. And I cannot wait!

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