(1) Planning

So, for my Uni Practical Project Portfolio, I’ve been asked to keep a blog about what I’m getting up to and the progress I’m making with my work. I’m doing an Editing skills portfolio, so I’ll be editing a couple of films and making some trailers. Sounds more like fun than work really, doesn’t it?!

Firstly, here’s my task list for the next few months (all of which I need to complete by the end of May next year):

1. A Contextualising Essay on the theoretical and practical aims and outcomes for and of the project.

2. 2 films plus 3 minute collection of trailers (own work, mash-ups and re-cut trailer)

3. Write up of work experience (2000 words)

4. This Blog (updated weekly)

5. A Self Reflective Essay (min 1500 words)

I’m pretty chuffed with this, as I can actually start a lot of it now, and get it done and dusted before production even begins on the two 10-minute films that I’m going to be cutting.

I’m most excited about the trailers part of the portfolio, especially after finding this, a mashup trailer of Toy Story 3 and Inception:

I’m going to be doing something similar to this, and at the moment I’m working on a trailer that combines The Breakfast Club and Ocean’s Eleven, and then I’m thinking of doing one that merges Toy Story 1 with The Departed. So yeah, it’s all under way!

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