(19) Treasure

Now that my dissertation is finally handed in, I’ve been able to make a proper start on the edit of Jade’s documentary, which for now has the working title of ‘Treasure’. I spent a good few hours doing the somewhat tedious job of  organising the footage; making sure all the sequence settings were correct and matching up some missing audio. But now I’m on to the good stuff, cutting up people’s responses, creating funny, honest and often emotional moments as our interviewees were captured reflecting upon their lives and their possessions.

As there’s so much footage, it’s a challenge to go through it all and find the best bits, but it’s one I’m relishing in…Jade is giving me a lot of creative freedom to play around with it and see what works and what doesn’t, so while obviously it is her film and she has the final say on what goes, I’m still able to put my own stamp on it.

I’m only a day or so into the edit, but this is what I’ve got so far…about 1 minute and 22 seconds (out of 10 mins), which doesnt sound like a lot, but I’ve done most of it in the last 2 hours, so I don’t actually see the initial edit taking too much longer, especially as I’m really enjoying it too.

'Treasure' Progress (as of 30/03/11)

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