Killing Bono

I happened to be in the Apple Store on Regent Street the other day, just idly checking out the new iPad 2, when I saw a sign stating that the director and lead actor in the film Killing Bono (also starring Robert Sheehan, of Misfits fame) would be doing a ‘meet the filmmakers’ question and answer session that evening.  With time to kill, and an interest in all things film, I decided to stick around and see what the film had to offer (the fact that the actor was the scrummy Ben Barnes didnt really hurt!).

Nick Hamm & Ben Barnes at the Apple Store, Regent St.

Barnes and his director, Nick Hamm, famous for horror film The Hole, sat and talked about the film for a while and showed a few clips before answering some questions from the audience, made up of mostly journalists and U2 fans. The film, if you didnt know this already, is about two brothers, Neil and Ivan McCormick, who try endlessly to make it as rock stars, but as their dreams fall to bits around them, they can only watch as their school friends go on to become one of the most successful bands in history, U2.

While it is a true tale, taken from Neil McCormick’s novel of the same name, Hamm and Barnes suggested that a lot of what happens in the film is embellished, and sometimes completely made up, with hilarious results! McCormick is now a well-renowned music critic for the Telegraph, but from what Ben said, he still hasn’t given up on his dream of rocking out to a crowd of thousands.

Killing Bono is out today. Go and see it.

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