(21) Problem Solving

So now that I’m back in Falmouth, it’s been pretty non-stop in terms of work. After a (partially) positive tutorial on Tuesday, I realised I still had a lot more work to do than I first thought. There was a lot to do on Dave’s music video film, as it was a bit of a mess (and about 2 minutes too long!). However, my main concern was Jade’s documentary, as Mark had a few things to say about it, a lot of which I agreed with (and I definitely appreciated his suggestions), although this meant I have had to do a completely new cut, reworking the story and trying to focus more on a few individuals, rather than everyone all at once.

Since the tutorial, I’ve been working solidly to get everything sorted and I think I’ve managed to get myself back on track and on top of things again which is nice. I met with Dave on two days in a row and pretty much attacked the cut of his film, cutting out A LOT, and generally just tightening everything up, making the story run smoothly into the music video…we’re both now really pleased with the finished film (although I’m sure we’ll be making a few changes between now and hand-in), and have handed it over to Matt, who’s doing the sound. Below is a screenshot of what the cut looks like now:

Halfway Point (as of 27/04/11)

Once that was done, I sat down yesterday (after watching the Royal Wedding, of course), and bashed out a new cut of Jade’s documentary, trying to take on board all Mark’s comments, but also trying to keep the style I know Jade is after. To be honest it didn’t really take me very long, as it was mostly just moving stuff around, taking a few bits out here and there, adding new sections, and (hopefully) making it a better film! Although to be honest, until Jade sees this new cut this afternoon, it’s quite hard to tell whether what I’ve done is going to be something that both she and Mark will like…it’s impossible to please everyone. I guess all I can do is create the best piece of work possible and hope it works. Here’s what the new cut looks like:

Treasure (30/04/11)

Hopefully after meeting with Jade today I’ll be able to make any changes she wants fairly quickly and get a cut to Joe to sort the sound by Monday or Tuesday. Then I’ll have next week to put the finishing touches to my showreel and make a proper start on my self-reflective essay. Apart from those few things, everything else is done!

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