Royal Wedding Street Party

Last Friday, on the afternoon of the Royal Wedding, over 300 people congregated on Marlborough Road in Falmouth (where I live) for a street party of epic proportions. It was gloriously sunny, everyone was outside, there was music, dancing, drinking. People were chilled and generally just enjoying themselves. And then came the police. They barged into people’s houses, shut off the music (multiple times) and created a pretty unpleasant atmosphere.

Various newspapers and online articles have made out that it was a rowdy and violent crowd, entirely made up of students disturbing the peace (it wasn’t – in actual fact, one of the first houses to put out their speakers belonged to a family). However, as someone who lives on the road, I can honestly say that everyone was out there just to have a good time. The tensions only came when the police arrived. Typical.

To show how pleasant and peaceful it really was, here’s a video made by one of the party-goers:

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