To Tour or Volunteer? That Is The Question.

I need to get on with booking the next part of my RTW trip – the bit when I first arrive in SE Asia, as I’m going by myself and really want to have something sorted for when I arrive. For ages I’ve been thinking I’m going to do one of the STA/Gap Adventure tours, either Roam Cambodia or Roam Cambodia & Vietnam.

But now I’m thinking it would be kinda cool to spend a few weeks or a month volunteering somewhere – maybe Thailand or Cambodia, in an orphanage or a school or something like that. The choices are endless. And I suppose it all comes down to time and money. If I do a tour, it will (obviously) take me to the places I’m so keen to see, and allow me the time to explore and meet people. If I stay put in one place volunteering somewhere though, then I probably won’t have time to go to Vietnam or Laos before I have to get to Singapore to catch my flight to OZ,  and they’re two countries that I really do want to visit. But on the other hand, volunteering is a fantastic way to give something back to country I’m visiting, and really gain a new experience for myself too.

What do you think? What would you do?

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