Cambodia & Vietnam, Here I Come!

Eeeeek, I’ve just booked a 20-day tour in SE Asia…in the end I went for the ‘Roam Cambodia & Vietnam’ one, from STA Travel and Gap Adventures, and I definitely think it was the right choice…it’s going to be amazing, and I cannot wait! Check out the itinerary here and see what I’ll be getting up to.

So. excited.

4 thoughts on “Cambodia & Vietnam, Here I Come!

  1. Looks like a great trip. Cambodia is one of my favorite countries, Bangkok is, in my opinion, one of the greatest cities on earth, and Vietnam …having no desire to go really, I went last year, and it is simply spectacular. If you have extra time, spend some in Thailand. SE Asia is the gem of the world. So easy, so much history, filled with extraordinary people and food. It looks like I’ve been to pretty much everywhere on your itinerary and can’t pick out a bad spot.

    The only thing is, 20 days is way too short, but than again, you coulkd spend a lifetime in this area and not see everything.

    Have fun,

    1. Yeah I’m so excited…it’s gonna be amazing – and yeah wish i could spend longer but 20 days will have to do for now, it’s all i can afford. but i’m sure I’ll be going back at some point! And I will be going to Thailand and Laos too…so getting to see it all!
      Any advice…best places to visit?

  2. Oh God …I think the best advice I could give would be to relax. Your hitting a lot of places and your gonna be running…

    Let’s see:
    Bangkok – head out along the Chao Praya. Arun, the royal palace, the flower markets, chinatown.

    Angkor – spend as much time as possible at the temples. Head around town (Siem Reap) at night. There are plenty stall type restaurants all around the temples so get there before dawn, rent a tuk-tuk and go.

    Phnom Penh …if nothing else Tuol Sleng, then the Killing Fields, than the markets

    Ho Chi Minh …it’s a big, dirty, bustling city. I would take it easy here. Head to the Go2 Bar for some of the best people watching in the world ( ) …I would highly suggest all of the street for nightlife.

    Nha Trang …relax, nothing to see and a great opportunity to do nothing before Hoi An and Hue.

    Hoi An …foooooddd. DO NOT go to the “Sleeping Gecko” across the river – you’ll see flyers all over for it. Food is horrible, although view is ok.

    Halong Bay – you’ll be on a boat

    Hanoi …old quarter, old quarter, old quarter. Old Irish Wolfhound is another great people watching bar here, especially at dusk.

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