Packing Up My Life

I’m leaving Falmouth in 6 days. Yes, this time next week I’ll be back in London, getting ready for my summer in America, first at Camp Sloane and then wherever the road takes me.

It’s a strange feeling, being so sad to leave Falmouth and all my friends, but also being ridiculously excited for what comes next and the adventures of tomorrow. I’ve really come to think of Fal as my home, and it’s going to be strange to not have a permanent base for the next year or so, as I travel the globe in search of some freedom and fun, before I have to settle down (me? never!) and forge my own way in this world.

My emptying room

In preparation for my departure, I’ve been packing away all my belongings, and even got rid of a whole load of stuff at a car boot sale the other day (and made a fortune!). For someone who plasters every available wall space with posters, photos and artwork, it’s really odd to see my now empty room with its bare, white walls…it’s definitely starting to hit home that this is it. This part of my life is nearly over.

It’s onto the next chapter now. This is the chapter I’ve been waiting for. Will it live up to my expectations? I’ll let you know.

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