Top 5 Friday: Cameras

I own a multitude of different cameras, all varying mediums and styles, but here are my top 5 favourites…

1. Canon AE-1 Program…35mm film is making a comeback, or so I like to think.

2. FujiFilm Instax 100…sort of like a Polaroid but produces rectangular, wide-screen pictures (and the film is wayyyy cheaper).

3. Canon 400D…the classic beast of an SLR. One day I’d like to upgrade – to a 600D or even a 5D Mark II (y’know, when I win the lottery or something).

4. Lomography Fisheye…Lomo are awesome, making fun cameras for all the family. Their motto – shoot from the hip (i.e. just have fun with it).

5. Canon Megazoom…get those old school close ups, again on 35mm film.

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