Photo Of The Week: The Start of Everything


So here we are. In Bangkok. In actual Thailand. For real. It’s insane that this trip has finally started, after all the weeks and months and years of planning, I have really left the UK for a WHOLE YEAR. And it feels so good, like freedom and excitement and adventure all rolled into one big smile that’s going to be plastered on my face for months to come I’m sure. This photo represents the very start of our journey together, Rosa, Maritza, and I…let’s just wait and see what we’ll be like in a few weeks!

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: The Start of Everything

  1. Darling Rusja

    So glad you made it to Thailand at last. I gather it is rather hot; wear your hat please.
    Look forward to more news as and when. Enjoy the food and let us know what you are eating as it is so interesting.
    Lots of love and take care to you and your friends.
    Candida and Grandma Judy

    1. Thank you, yeah it’s such nice weather here…off to Chiang Mai tomorrow for a festival that’s happening there. Eating lots of noodles and delicious things

      Lots of love xx

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